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Connie Conant<br />
1940 London Line, Unit 27 (Green Haven Estates Mobile home)<br />
Cottage Garden style<br />
519-330-1717<br /><br />
<br />
My yard is all garden, grass is the enemy here. Perennials in the ground and annuals in pots. I have a very eclectic plant collection, and it seems when each one is blooming, that's my favourite plant. It is a very cottage-style garden. There are five kinds of bird feeders and a water feature. <br />
Watching the different seasonal plants flower, all the colours, & scents is a special joy. Another delight is watching the parent birds teach their little ones to feed from the several feeders available. <br />
 Many kinds of bees frequent my garden, as well as butterflies and of course the hummingbirds! <br />
Chipmunks & squirrels clean up under the feeders along side the mourning doves and sparrows. <br />
The best things  about my garden are the never ending entertainment & learning opportunities.