About Glenn Ogilvie Photography

Glenn Ogilvie developed an interest in photography as a young boy poring over discarded magazines, including National Geographic, Time and Life. His first picture was of a model car he built as a child. Technically, the photograph, taken with an old family Brownie camera, was a disaster. But the concept was a good one and the seeds were sown.
In his early 20's Ogilvie was encouraged to pursue photography and bought a 35 mm camera. Within six months he’d landed his first professional job at a small town newspaper, The Dunnville Chronicle.
Over four decades he has worked as a photojournalist for weekly and daily newspapers in Ontario — including the Sarnia Observer — won dozens of photography awards, and mounted numerous gallery shows and exhibits.
Now semi-retired and working freelance he continues to be fascinated by environmental themes, while his work evolves from journalistic “realism” into a wider artistic exploration of light, colour and texture.